Friday, April 15, 2011

Best Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

Product Features
  • Reusable K-Cup coffee filter exclusive to the Keurig Home Brewing System
  • Can use your own coffee instead of the expensive pre-packaged K-cups
  • Works in Keurig home brewers B40 Elite, B50 Ultra, B60 Special Edition and B70 Platinum
  • Does not fit B100, B100P, or B2000/3 Keurig brewers
  • Rinse clean under running water after each use
How to get a good cup of coffee
  Pull the rubber gasket that surrounds the needle on top down about halfway to help create a tighter seal. Tried that and it helped keep the water from spilling out all over the place but I still had a very weak cup of coffee. I read on a post somewhere to buy a 1/2L flat rubber washer from the hardware store and put it in the indentation on the top of the lid of the K-cup
Customer service at 1-866-901-2739

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