Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great Ukulele for Beginners

  The Mahalo U-50 is a proven bestseller ukulele, for who prefer the guitar-style geared tuners on their ukulele, Mahalo offers the U-50G with all-maple construction and flashy, gold-plated tuners. It is every bit as great a value and it comes with the same sturdy gig bag included in the price.
  The best starter ukulele: It has a good sound but takes a long time to stay in tune, The first few days, it still doesn't stay tuned I tune it after 1-2 minutes, But after a few days of continuous playing, the uke rarely goes out of tune now. It has a pretty sound and it worth the price.
Advice from GuyInClack
If you have never bought an instrument new, or replaced strings on an existing instrument, you should be aware that the strings stretch a lot when first put under tension. This may be what caused many poor reviews. For the first few days, just keep tuning it, maybe a little sharp if you have the mind to, and the strings will be okay. Even an hour after first tuning my unit, the strings stretched so it was several full tones off.


Mahalo U-50G Features

  • Affordable, beautiful soprano ukulele
  • Body and neck constructed of maple and stained mahogany brown
  • Maple fingerboard and bridge stained black
  • Equipped with standard guitar-style tuners
Mahalo U-50G UKULELE Includes

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