Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Men's Hair Loss / Hair Regrowth Treatment

Men's Premium Azelaic Acid 5% & Minoxidil 15% DHT Inhibitor. Retinol Enhanced Thinning Hair Loss / Hair Regrowth Treatment. (Professionally Formulated) 

Men's Premium Minoxidil 15% & Azelaic Acid 5% DHT Inhibitor. Retinol Enhanced Thinning Hair Loss / Hair Regrowth Treatment. (Professionally Formulated)
Product Features

  • Minoxidil is the number 1 treatment in the United States for Hair regrowth
  • Azelaic Acid - proven to be a strong inhibitor of the enzyme 5-AR (5-Alpha Reductase), the enzyme responsible for converting Testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the primary reason for damaged shrunken follicles characteristic of Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)
  • Enhanced with Retinol (Vitamin A Derivative), found to work synergistically with Minoxidil and enhance its penetration while regulating scalp DHT levels through proper functioning and moderation of the sebaceous glands.
  • Guaranteed Quality - Manufactured in an FDA registered cGMP compliant facility. We conduct assay testing, identity testing, and micro testing for each batch to ensure the concentration and active ingredient is present, within spec, and follows USP standards and FDA guidelines. Each batch will have its own unique lot number and expiration date printed onto the bottom of each bottle, as part of quality control procedures
  • Glycerin - We do "Not" use Glycerin because according to the Merck Index (The largest Encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals published by the United States Pharmaceutical company Merck & Co.) , propylene glycol is a much better topical carrier compared to Glycerin. Propylene glycol is much more lipid soluble than Glycerin, this difference in solubility allows propylene glycol to dissolve in fats, oils, lipids, and solvents much easier, thus permeating through the skin much more effectively than glycerin. For this reason, propylene glycol is preferred over glycerin in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic preparations, including the FDA approved formula Rogaine who has always used propylene glycol over glycerin. A Glycerin based product may really limit your results as a smaller percentage of actives will be absorbed into the skin. Glycerin is also much more stickier and greasier on the skin than propylene glycol. Propylene glycol does pose some irritation for some users, however we have significantly reduced the amount of propylene glycol compared to standard minoxidil products in order to combat irritation.
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